It doesn’t matter if your business is a traditional BRICK & MOTOR type or an ONLINE based, you’d always need the rightlevel of exposure to spread your wings wider in the business world. I have outlined some core techniques that I have adopted in my businesses, and strongly suggest for you to look into it.

1. Media Play:

You have to follow some steps here. The first would be the Help a Reporter Out or HARO. And the best part is that it is totally free. The website www.HelpAReporter.comprovides many leads for individuals from diverse industries to get the exposure on air, Television and by different published works. The process works like; in a day, you’d be sent mails from the journalists or editors who would send you their queries. There would be queries from the producers too regarding their respective media outlets. And if any of those queries fits in within those categories then you would just need to revert back to the e-mail. And in no time they would be responding to your concern an overriding rule for responding is that your response must be right on the target. So, before contacting them, you must go through their rulebook at least once.

2. Powerful Press Releases:

Although these days the idea of press release somewhat seems to be out of fashion, it still is potent for creating publicity. And particularly if you’re about to promote the opening of your company, some hiring news, launching of new products or any other offers, the press can be useful. Over the past few years, the press media has undergone several transformations. These days, they are mostly consumer focusing rather than just the whole media thing. You must know that if you’re going to the press media, you got to create different press release strategies for different markets.

And if you’re looking for some reason to make any press release then you can always create some news. The main thing is to create a buzz to cover more and more awareness of your business.

3. Savvy Social Networking:

If you’re creating publicity, social media is the most powerful too that you have today. Because social media isn’t just about catching up with people, these days it is much more than that. It is an amazing tool for growing your business circle and developing relations. But there are rules in the social media arena. You have got to be active online. If you just make an appearance and then leave, then it won’t be effective at all. The best way to be noticed on social media is to be active. But that doesn’t mean you should be making buzzes 24/7. So you need to keep the right balance.

4. Respond to Breaking News:

Another way to keep up your business publicity going, you can be active to the recent breaking news trough Google Alerts. It is a feature that allows you to be always aware of the immediate happenings. For example, if you’re into certain industry say the fashion industry then any news related to that would be referred to you by e-mail from the Google News Database. The email would have you directed to the particular website that created the news. And thus, you’d be made aware of the event and now you can just go the particular website and make a comment on what’s going on. This way you’d be in the radar of people and your business will also be publicized.

Thus, Google Alerts will alert you whenever something is happening related to the keywords that you have created.

No matter how fine the quality of your product is, if people aren’t aware of it, then it wouldn’t be of much use. Therefore, you’d need the proper publicity of your brand. But that isn’t easy; you must make a plan and try working on something or the other to exhibit what you’ve got. You can also create newsletters or try featuring on air with some local shows. You can also try the whole YouTubing thing. That way you can create Youtube videos to operate online publicity of your own business.

The possibilities are countless, but the trick is to be consistent in your approach and work on several platforms to increase your chances of reaching your message to your core customer groups. In my business, being able to attract the right quality and quantity of audience to my website was key. I always made sure I was implementing the best traffic techniques. I strongly recommend either getting an expert to do it for you or if you want to check out some powerful traffic generation tricks for yourself, then check out this source- which provides good training for almost free or limited investment. Regardless, do not try to do it all alone yourself – Google can help answer some of your questions, but at best it would give you only a few pieces of the whole jigsaw puzzles. You do not want to try and test in your business marketing – the function that helps bring in cash for your business.

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