Creating Your Account

When you create your account, you should have a very simple plan. This is going to help you in the long run.

  1. Figure out what kind of account you are creating. Do you need a personal account or business account?
  1. Find a This is very important to make your account active. Who are you targeting? Bloggers? Marketers? Gym rats? Coffee addicts?
  1. Find five popular accounts in your niche.
  1. Fill out all your Twitter account’s basic information such as biography, location and mobile number.
  1. Send 10 tweets related to your niche. This makes other people on Twitter understand what kind of content you are going to tweet in the future.

Growing Your Twitter Account

This is what you have been waiting for! Now, it’s time to start growing your account. This phase requires patience, but you are going to see good results after a couple of days.

  1. Have you heard of a Twitter application called Tweepi? It’s a website where you can manage your Twitter account and follow or unfollow other users. They are 100 percent legit, and they have over a million active users. You need them to grow your account. You can connect your Twitter account to their website by clicking here.
  1. If you are not on the Tweepi website, please go there now and click “Follow Followers.” And use one of the popular accounts in your niche as your target.
  1. Start by following 50 people who are following the popular account. The following day, increase that to 100 and repeat the process until you follow 250 new users every day.
  1. The free version of Tweepi allows you to follow 250 users every day. You can increase the limit to 1,000 by purchasing a silver package on their website.
  1. When you have followed a total of 5,000 on Twitter, you are going to notice that you can’t follow more accounts. Now it’s time to start  unfollowing.

You could use Tweepi for this if you purchased a silver package. If you didn’t, then I recommend you to use another application called ManageFlitter.

  1. Start by unfollowing 50 users who are not following you back. Then, unfollow 100 users the next day. This is pretty similar to step 3.
  1. Repeat these steps. This is how you gain more followers on Twitter.

Now, you should know how to grow your Twitter account. It’s time to start working on increasing your engagement.

How to Increase Engagement on Twitter

This is the most important part, but you have to do it naturally. There is no way to automate this.

This is usually the step that makes or breaks your account. Is this going to be hard? No, not really. But you do need to spend some time interacting with your followers, and send good tweets related to your niche.

  1. Start a discussion with your followers. Is there any major news stories related to your niche? Tweet it to your followers and ask them a question; chances are high that they are going to tweet their opinion to you. Start engaging a conversation with them, so you can get to know each other. If you are engaging in conversations, they are likely to start retweeting your future tweets.
  1. Always respond to questions. Each time a follower decides to ask you a question, make sure that you answer them.
  1. Don’t use an auto-responder. They are very annoying and makes your account look spammy.
  1. Is anyone retweeting you and engaging your tweets? Make sure you follow them back.
  1. Avoid tweet wars. If another user bashes your business or brand, the last thing you want to do is tweeting them back. Stay professional and move on with your day.
  1. Include images in your Tweets every now and then. Statistics prove that tweets with images are 35 percent more likely to be retweeted by your followers.
  1. Include hashtags in your tweets, but do not spam them. Including one to three hashtags is okay, but try not to use any more than that.


By following all the steps in this article, you are guaranteed to increase your followers. Patience is the key to success. The number of your Twitter followers are going to increase every day as long as you continue to follow more targeted users.

Building up a good engagement requires time. It is harder to build up a good relationship with your followers than it is to destroy it. It takes time to build trust.

Alex Precise